About Berks County Obituaries

Berks County Obituaries is your main source for obituaries in Berks County and parts of Lebanon, Lancaster, Schuylkill, Lehigh, Montgomery, and Chester Counties. Rather than follow every funeral home in the county (there are 38!), you can follow one source.

Most people today do not see the value in placing an obituary in the local newspaper. Costs are rising, circulation is down, and most people get their news online. Other outlets require people to search for a notice…meaning you have to already know someone has passed in order to find their obituary.

Berks Obits “pushes” new notices to you via our daily recap emails and throughout the day via Facebook. By monitoring the local funeral homes and other sources, we are able to discover and post notices before they are published in the newspaper.

Unlike nationally-run websites, berksobits.com focuses soley on Berks County and surrounding areas—everywhere traditionally served by the local newspaper. We promote listings on social media and email to reach readers who don’t subscribe to the newspaper, and make it easy for people to follow and share listings.

We derive income from the funeral homes who support our efforts. In exchange, they receive advertising placement on our site and in our daily newsletter, and their listings are featured more prominently and link directly back to their website. We also provide additional marketing opportunities to our sponsors.

Currently, John P. Feeney Funeral Home is the only funeral who has chosen to be sponsor. Please show your support by clicking on their ads and visiting their website.

It takes a lot of time, effort, and money to keep BerksObits operating. We’re a small, local, woman-run operation.

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Berks County Obituaries is a service provided by Jillian Harman and is not affiliated with any funeral home.